help you realize your dream of Nonwoven-Fabric

Spunbond Fabric

(High strength)

Nonwoven hygiene products: 

1-Baby and adult diapers:Top sheets,back sheets,ear,tapes,landing zone.         

2-Female hygiene:Top sheets,wings.

3-Cleaning wipes:Baby care ,cosmetics,etc.

Nonwoven medical products:   

1-Surgeon's masks   

2-Disposable garments.   

3-Surgical drapes   

4-Shoe covers                                             

Nonwoven furniture products:    

1-Beds:Pocket springs,mattresses,cushions,bed covers,disposal bedding.                                       

2-Seating:Upholstered backs,sub-paneling,intermediate layers,etc. 

Nonwoven technical products:

1-Structural engineering:Bitumen supports,roof insulation sheeting,diaphragms.     

2.Agriculture:Crop forcing nonwovens,insect protection,etc.                      

3- Automtive:Inner paneling,sound insulation,insulation,etc.  


Nonwoven packaging products:

1-Shopping bags 

2-Rice packaging 

3-Tea bags

4-Clothes packaging

Meltblown Fabric

(Barriers and filter properties thaks to

ultrafine filaments)

Sanitary products:

1-Baby and child hygiene

2-Female hygiene

3-Incontinence products


5-Absorbing pads

6-Functional inserts for controlled absorption

Hot-melt adhesive coating Absorbents:

1-Absorbent cloths and wiping cloths

2-Media for oil and wiping cloths

3-Media for oil absorption

4-Liquids (benzene,water,blood)





Spunmelt Fabric

(High strength & barrier effect)

Nonwoven hygiene products:

1-Baby and adult diapers
Nonwoven medical products:

1-Surgeon's masks 

2-Surgical drapes  

Combinations with other nonwovens:

1-Paper composites 

Work protection:

1-Protective clothing 

2-Gas mask